Imren 20700 Battery 3200Mah 40A

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    Imren 20700 Battery 3200Mah 40A

    Imren 20700 40A

    The Imren 20700 battery is an affordable and effective option for a 20700 cell battery


    Please Note: Due to international shipping laws, we will not be able to send batteries overseas, if you are outside of the UK your batteries will be refunded and the rest of the order sent.

    Nominal 3.7V rating

    Maximum voltage of 4.2V

    Nominal 3200mAh capacity

    20700 format

    40A discharge rating


    Warnings: Donot overcharge or over discharge, Recharge drained batteries immediately, Do not short circuit, Do not dispose of in fire, Do not expose to extreme heat or water, Please be familiar with handling lithium-ion batteries before purchase

    Never Carry Loose batteries around in your pocket/bag. 

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