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Established in 2006, Vaporesso is a leading brand in the vaping and ecig market. An expert in research, production, development and sales of electronic cigarette, and is a name known worldwide in the vaping community.

Its office is at henzhen SMOORE Technology Limited, Building 16, Dongcai Industrial Park, Gushu Village, Xixiang Town, Bao’an District, Shenzhen, China.Customers can contact the company through phone and email support at +86 755 6152 5801 and or visit their official site

Vaporesso has a well-earned reputation in the industry of vaping with products and programs customers around the world appreciate. They are one of the newer vaping companies in the world, with evident progressive background and reputation on vaping.

Many vapers today can recognize the company by their most popular product, The Target Pro Kit, the new Revenger X with touch screen technology and the small but massively powerful Revenger Mini Kit. But, the company is also working to broaden their prospects. Out of many vaping companies today, it is one the pioneers of using ceramic coils, the raising of bar for cloud production and Bluetooth technology.

These are among the technologies that Vaporesso developed for a much better vaping experience. Since its foundation, they have been an innovator, continually researching and developing new products and features for the convenience of vapers worldwide.

In only five short years after its foundation, they quickly climbed the ladder and reached the top as the leading vape brand. Research and development of electronic cigarette technology is the center of Vaporesso’s operations, with focus on innovating products millions worldwide can enjoy.

Brief History
Vaporesso was established as the leading brand in 2012. It handles research, development and production of electronic cigarette products. In 2015, the vaping world first heard of the company when they released to the market their first ever dual-coil cartomizer.

Veco Solo Kit

iVape are delighted to welcome The Vaporesso Ireland Veco solo kit. This has been a hugely popular selling kit and with Vaporesso releasing new colours and designs for The Tarot Nano these are sure to stay sought after for some time yet. The Tarot Nano Kit has been so successful due to it’s small, neat stature along with it’s powerful output. The Tarot Nano Kit consists of an 80W Tarot Nano Box MOD and 2ml VECO EUC Tank. The tank applies truly leak free design, which offers a clean hand vaping. And included EUC coil adopts easy coil replacement system. While the Tarot MOD is built with OMNI board so that you have various output modes: Smart VW/CCW/VT/CCT/TCR/Bypass. Tarot Nano Kit and VECO tank is a great combination to provide a superb vaping experience. If you are consider this Kit for you or someone you know, rest assured your making a good decision! We give The Tarot Nano Kit a solid thumbs up!
Products for the Uncompromising Vapers
The year 2015 is one of the tremendous years in the history for the company . This year was when the company released their product lineup meant for the uncompromising, diehard vapers. During this year, they released a new product, Tarot Nano Kit, Tarot Mod to name a few.

Vaporesso Ireland SWAG II Kit- 80W

iVape welcomes the brand new Vaporesso Swag II Kit into our stores. The Vaporesso SWAG II kit is very similar to the original Swag Kit in terms of its versatility and power. The newer version retains the compact size people loved by continuing to use a single 18650 battery (Not Included), an output of up to 80W of power, and it still utilizes the well-loved GT Core coils.

So what is different with The SWAG II Kit? Well, firstly it has moved away from the vaunted OMNI 2.0 board and now uses the new AXON chip, which brings us ever closer to having a truly ‘smart’ vape. With entry-level modes such as smart TC, which automatically suggests optimum settings, power ECO mode, which optimizes device settings to consume less battery, and more advanced features for existing vapers like TC, VW, Bypass, and VV. Secondly, it features a pulse mode, which continuously ‘pulses’ additional power throughout the vape duration, providing an enhanced vaping experience. The SWAG II also has a lightweight, ergonomically designed body with a comfortable rubberized coating that is scratch and fingerprint-resistant.

The SWAG II comes supplied with the NRG SE tank, which makes use of the GT4 dual meshed coil to produce large clouds of tasty vapour. A sliding top-fill mechanism makes topping up quick and hassle-free, plus the fully adjustable airflow allows the air intake to be adjusted to suit personal preference. And we should also mention the new ombre colours range is impressive and stylish too.

Vaporesso Ireland Sky Solo Kit 

The Vaporesso SKY SOLO Starter Kit is a user-friendly vape pen system, with a 1400 mAh rechargeable battery and the OMNI Board Mini Chipset. With the Sky Solo Kit Vaporesso introduces the new mesh-coil GT Cores and a TPD compliant 2 ml tank capacity. The Vaporesso SKY SOLO features OMNI Board Mini Chipset to maximize the longevity and performance of the integrated 1400 mAh rechargeable battery and provide dense vapor clouds. In addition, the SKY Solo is compatible with the coils from the GT Coil and QF Coil Lines, making full use of the assortment of Vaporesso coils to provide the desired vaping style. The Vaporesso SKY Solo makes for a great beginners’ starter kit with the all-in-one detachable design. Incorporating the tank, battery, and mod make this kit very easy to use and an ideal kit for the starting vaper.

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