Kingston E-liquid Ireland 100ml 70vg


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    Kingston E-liquid Ireland 100ml 70vg

    Kingston E-liquid Ireland

    Kingston E-liquid Ireland offers premium juices at affordable prices. Kingston E-liquids has continued to go from strength to strength, from its concept in 2017 stocked by leading distributors and retailers across the country and has become a firm favourite amongst vaping enthusiasts. Kingston E-liquid Ireland pride itself on delivering top-quality vape juices which are sold daily in our own shops to a loyal customer base. In 2019 we have invested over half a million pounds in bespoke blending and filling machinery for a wide range of bottle sizes including 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, 500ml and 10ml TPD. This enables us to produce many thousands of bottles a day. Our customers have fallen in love with Kingston E-liquid Ireland back in 2017. It was our good old friend Kim who brought in the first flavour which has become a huge success in Ireland and especially the UK. That flavour is Heisenberry.

    Kingston E-liquid Ireland Heisenstrawberry Kiwi

    Heisenstrawberry Kiwi e-liquid is a lovely exciting sweet vape capturing the delicious flavours of the classic ICE blue raspberry infused with a fruity blend of juicy strawberries and refreshing indulgent kiwis. This vape not only tastes great but has an aroma to match.

    Zingberry/ Heisenberry

    An interesting take on the ever-popular Heisenberg flavor with a blend of blueberries, some anise, menthol and something else that is so secret, that the makers of this popular e-Liquid don’t disclose even to us. Heisenberry is a great vape juice with an extremely satisfying and addictive taste.

    Kingston Cherry Cola E-Liquid

    Cherry Cola E-Liquid 100ml by Kingston is a full-on lustrous flavour that will excite the pallet with its full-bodied sweet cola taste and its hints of fruity cherries.

    Kingston Blackberry Jelly

    Blackberry by Kingston Jelly is a nostalgic E-liquid taking you back to the familiar and delicious flavours of refreshingly sweet and moreish blackberry jelly with a fruity sweet flavour.

    Kingston Blackcurrant & Raspberry Jelly

    Kingston Jelly Blackcurrant & Raspberry Jelly is a juicy blend of tangy raspberries and sweet blackcurrants.

    Strawberry Jelly by Kingston

    Strawberry Jelly by Kingston is a fresh refreshing strawberry jelly vape. Have you tried KINGSTON FANTANGO – GRAPEBERRY 0MG 100ML SHORTFILL

    Lemon & Lime by Kingston Fantango

    Lemon & Lime is everyone’s favourite holiday drink! Tangy Lemons and Juicy Limes with a fizzy twist

    Orange Mango by Kingston

    Fantango Orange Mango by Kingston – 100ml is a beautiful mixof sweet succulent apples and tart zesty juicy oranges with a sweet tropical mangos.

    Fantango Strawberry Lime

    Strawberry Lime by Fantango- Kingston – 100ml is a beautiful mix of sweet succulent strawberries and tart zesty lime.

    Fantango Apple Blackcurrant

    Fantango Apple Blackcurrant by Kingston – 100ml is a beautiful mix of sweet succulent apples and tart zesty juicy blackcurrants. Reminds me of a cordial drink

    Fantango Apple Blackcurrant Ice

    Fantango Apple Blackcurrant Ice by Kingston – 100ml is a beautiful mix of sweet succulent apples and tart zesty juicy blackcurrants with a cool hit. Reminds me of a cordial drink

    Grapeberry by Fantango Kingston

    Grapeberry by KINGSTON and the FANTANGO line – GRAPEBERRY 0MG 100ML SHORTFILL is a beautiful mix of grape and berries in a sweet drink like vape.

    Grapeberry Ice by Fantango- Kingston

    Grapeberry Ice by KINGSTON and the FANTANGO line – GRAPEBERRY 0MG 100ML SHORTFILL is a beautiful mix of grape and berries in a sweet drink like vape with a good coolant hit.


    The vegetable glycerine is 70% in Heisenstrawberry Kiwi which mean it’s a little easier on your coils but still packed with flavour. Heisenstrawberry Kiwi eliquid is extremely popular with our customers and great value! If you prefer a nonmenthol editon of this hugely popular flavour then The Berg is a must try! Or you can simply add one of our Menthol flavours to mix in. Heisenstrawberry Kiwi is a tasty blend of blueberries, blue slushy, a hint of aniseed and a mix of mint and strawberries, kiwi and menthol. A real refreshing vape in a 70/30 VG/PG mix.

    This is Zero Nicotine E-Liquid


    How the nicotine shot works? Really easy! Just 3 simple steps:
    Step 1: You need 60ml bottle with 50 ml liquid of extra concentrated + 10ml bottle with 18mg/ml of no flavour (nicotine shot)
    Step 2: Pour all 10ml bottle into your 60ml bottle with extra concentrated flavor
    Step 3: Shake it! ..alot and leave in dark cabinet for a few days to get more rich flavor

    That’s it! Simple right? Now you have 3mg of nicotine.

    We are sorry, but we do not accept the exchange / return of liquids after purchase. Health and safety reasons. Please make sure that you picked proper flavour and proper nicotine level.

    warningCuimsíonn an táirge seo nicitín, ar substaint an-andúile é. This product contains nicotine which is a highly addictive substance. Harmful in contact with skin. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. KEEP OUT OF REACH OF CHILDREN. Read label before use. IF ON SKIN: Wash with plenty of water and soap. Call a POISON CENTER, doctor, physician, if you feel unwell. Dispose of contents/container in accordance with regional regulation. If medical advice is needed, have product container or label at hand. This product is not recommended for use by non-smokers.Product for use with e-cigarettes only. Store in cool & dry place in original package. Women who are pregnant or breastfeeding should seek medical advice.

    Need nicotine?

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