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Our customers have fallen in love with Kingston E-liquid Ireland back in 2017. It was our good old friend Kim who brought in the first flavour which has become a huge success in Ireland and especially the UK. That flavour is Heisenberry, and Heisenberry Ice.

Since then we have slowly but surely brought in more and more of their flavours and our customers remain as steadfast as ever to their flavours. Why you ask? Well, Kingston E-liquids offer premium juices at affordable prices. Kingston E-liquids has continued to go from strength to strength, from its concept in 2017 stocked by leading distributors and retailers across the country and has become a firm favourite amongst vaping enthusiasts. We pride ourselves on delivering top quality vape juices which are sold daily in our own shops to a loyal customer base. In 2019 we have invested over half a million pounds in bespoke blending and filling machinery for a wide range of bottle sizes including 60ml, 100ml, 120ml, 500ml and 10ml TPD. This enables us to produce many thousands of bottles a day. We also produce white label for clients across the country who are having proven success with our great flavour range. We work closely with our strategic partners to ensure their continued success.

So if you have not tried on of their flavours then hop to it and get your taste on!

Kingston E-Liquid Ireland Flavours


Apple Blackcurrant

Apple Blackcurrant Ice


Grapeberry Ice

Strawberry Lime

Orange Mango

Blackcuraant Jelly

Strawberry Jelly

Raspberry Blackberry Jelly

Lemon Lime Jelly

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