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Established in 2010, SMOK (also known as Smoktech) is Shenzhen EVPS Technology Co Limited’s leading brand. An expert in research, production, development and sales of electronic cigarette, SMOK is a name known worldwide.

Its office is located at Shenzhen Bay Tech-Eco Park, Nanshan  District, Shenzhen, China at the 13F of Block B3, Building Unit 9. Customers can contact the company through phone and email support at +86 755 86347180 and or visit their official site

SMOK has a well-earned reputation in the industry of vaping with products and programs customers around the world appreciate. SMOK is one of the oldest vaping companies in the world, with evident progressive background and reputation on vaping.

Many vapers today can recognize the company by their most popular product, TFV4 sub-ohm tank. But, the company is also working to broaden their prospects. Out of many vaping companies today, SMOK is one the pioneers of using dual coils, the raising of bar for cloud production and Bluetooth technology.

These are among the technologies that SMOK developed for a much better vaping experience. Since its foundation, they have been an innovator, continually researching and developing new products and features for the convenience of vapers worldwide.

In only seven short years after its foundation, SMOK quickly climbed the ladder and reached the top as the leading vape brand. Research and development of electronic cigarette technology is the center of SMOK’s operations, with focus on innovating products millions worldwide can enjoy.

Brief History

SMOK was established as the leading brand of IVPS in 2010. It handles research, development and production of electronic cigarette products. In 2011, the vaping world first heard of the company when they released to the market their first ever dual-coil cartomizer.

During that time, dual coils are not unheard of but an uncommon practice, a bold production from a vaping company, especially one still young. SMOK, however, was successful in bringing a different experience of a new level of vapor and flavor through these cartomizers.

SMOK’s first year was great and though 2012 wasn’t as memorable for the company when it comes to release of products, it serves a purpose in solidifying the company’s reputation. Eventually, SMOK released new products and innovations that further carved their name in the vaping world.

SMOK Telescope

One such innovation is the SMOK Telescope, a fresh new system designed allowing the use of different batteries including 18350, 18490, 18500 and 18650 among others. SMOK holds a patent to this unique design being one of the biggest innovations the company brought to the electronic cigarette industry.

VMax and Zmax Mods

In addition, other innovations of the company in the world of variable-voltage vaping include the VMax and ZMax mods. SMOK’s product lineup in 2012 was visually unpleasing but it performed well in contrast with their contemporaries at the time.

The “Cotton-less” Technology

In the year 2013, SMOK pushed another innovation called the “cotton-less” technology incorporated in their Tumbler and Pyrex Aro tanks, which helped in avoiding dry hits by using atypical bottom-coil design.

The eGo Winder

The eGo Wonder is an innovation born out of SMOK’s take on what the vape users consider the original e-cigarettes. Inspired by one of the world’s most significant vaping devices, eGo Winder is a leading innovation of SMOKtech.

The Magneto

The Magneto is SMOK’s last innovation in 2013, the updated version of the SMOK Telescope. This one featured a better-looking design than the Telescope. Moreover, it features a distinctive magnetic firing switch vapers would go on to enjoy.

Variable-Wattage Products

When the norm of using variable-wattage dawned in 2014, the company was one of the firsts to release their lineup of variable-wattage products. These include products such as Shuttle, Rocket and Silenus, variable-wattage mods designed to be extremely easy to use.

The BEC Pro and Bluetooth Connectivity

Of SMOK’s entire 2014 product lineup, considered most interesting is the BEC Pro. The BEC Pro is SMOk’s first every vaping device that uses Bluetooth connectivity. The use of Bluetooth is an advanced feature that would become the face of many of SMOK’s vape products.

Products for the Uncompromising Vapers

The year 2015 is one of the tremendous years in the history of SMOK. This year was when the company released their product lineup meant for the uncompromising, diehard vapers. During this year, they released a new product, TFV4.

The TFV4 redefined people’s expectations when it comes to sub-ohm tank. In addition to the mod, there is also the X-Cube series with variable-wattage and Bluetooth. Until today, SMOKtech continued to bring incredible vaping innovations including the H-Priv, Alien Starter, the TFV8 and more.

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