Renova Zero Pod System

Renova Zero Pod System

Renova Zero Pod System

From Vaporesso, a leading Vape company, comes an innovative Renova Zero Pod System that blows a lot of the competition away. The Renova Zero is a very eye catching device, simple to use and extremely satisfying to vape on. Made using zinc alloy this is a sleek yet sturdy device that any vaper would be happy to add to their daily routine. 

This is the first refillable pod system that implements a push and fill mechanism. This innovative feature means no leaking and no wasted juice due to spillage.


  • Dimensions: 13.5 x 31 x 80.2mm (D x W x H)
  • Construction: Zinc Alloy and Heat Resistant PCTG Material
  • Powered by OMNI Board Mini Chip
  • Output Modes: 12W High Mode / 10.5 Medium Mode / 9W Low Mode
  • Output Wattage: 9 – 12W
  • 1.0 ohm CCELL Ceramic Coil (Pre-Installed)
  • Auto Temperature Control
  • Battery: 650 mAh Internal Cell
  • LED Battery Life/Mode Indicator
  • Pod Capacity: 2mL
  • Refillable Pod System
  • Innovative Press to Fill System
  • Low Liquid Detection
  • Safety Features: Auto Temperature Control / Short Circuit Protection / No Load Protection / Low Resistance Protection / Overtime Protection / Overcharge Protection / ESD Circuit Protection / Pass-Through Protection / Burn Protection


Tobacco Flavours

Tobacco Flavours

Tobacco flavours for many vapers looking to move away from tobacco and onto vaping is very important to them, and finding the best tobacco flavour e-juice can be priority number one.  Looking for that authentic tobacco taste can seem difficult but that is where iVape comes in. We have a great selection of tobacco flavoured e-juice and your bound to find the right one for you with us.

iVape have been stockists of the Halo brand for years now. Halo truly replicate a variety of tobacco flavors along with menthols. Not only have they won hundreds of awards throughout the years but they have also won best in class, which is a true testimony to their excellence. They have a huge variety of flavors and we stock what we feel are their top sellers. These are a definite must try for the tobacco lovers! These flavours can be tried in our branches; Navan, Co. Meath, Maynooth, Co.Kildare or in our newest branch Mullingar, Co. Westmeath

Tribeca: a mild tobacco blended with the perfect hint of vanilla and caramel

Freedom : an american style full bodied tobacco

Longhorn: a pipe lovers dream, but cigar smokers don’t rule this one out either

Torque : a strong robust cigarette taste

Mystic: a menthol tobacco mix

Krinkles Curse: a strong in your face peppermint

Whatever choice you make you wont be disappointed!




Lost Vape Mirage DNA75 – Review

Lost Vape Mirage DNA75 C Mod Review

Lost Vape Mirage DNA75

iVape have always liked the style and quality of Lost Vape and with the Lost Vape Mirage DNA75 they certainly have ticked both boxes again. Lost Vape are not for the budget buyer however those who do buy are always happy with the quality of their chips and aesthetics of their hardware. So what are you getting with the Mirage?

Well the Lost Vape Mirage DNA75 uses the Evolv DNA75 C chipset – which is one of the top chips out there for years. And all the DNA chips offer new firmware upgrades and allow you to customize how your mod operates. You get a lovely OLED coloured screen, and it will output to 75W but does have a boost/preheat of up to 100W. It can adapt to use either a single 18650 battery or a 21700 or 20700 battery which is super handy. Colour wise The Lost Vape Mirage DNA75 in a anodized aluminium with two different finishes wood or resin and the body comes with either a Green Agate or a Red Blaze look. The Lost Vape Mirage DNA75 really is a stunning device and you can never go wrong with a high end device that Lost Vape and Evolve Chips promise to deliver, this gets a big thumbs up from us for people looking to vape at low to medium power and yet insist on style and performance.

You can buy it here

Below we list the Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C Specs

  • Size: 43.5mm x 28mm x 93mm
  • Temperature Limit: 200°F – 600°F
  • Output Power: 1-75 Watts
  • Boost/Preheat: 100 Watts Power
  • Connection: Stainless Steel 510 Atomizer Connector
  • Feature: Integrated 1Amp On-board Balanced Charger
  • Battery Type: 21700/20700/18650(with adapter)
  • Powered by Evolv DNA75C Board with Firmware Upgradable Theme
  • Designer Software/Customizable User Interface
  • Frame Colour: Black, Dark Grey
  • Body Colour: Green Agate, Red Blaze

Kit Includes

  • Lost Vape Mirage DNA75C Box Mod
  • USB Charging Cable
  • User Manual
  • 18650 Battery Adapter

E-liquid Ireland – Information on shortfills and nic shots

E-liquid Ireland – Shortfills and nic shots

So many people ask us about larger bottles of E-Liquid, they seem almost afraid to pick up a larger bottle as they contain no nicotine so here at iVape we have decided to help clear up some of the confusion. The EU brought in laws pertaining to E-liquid Ireland under the Tobacco Directive Products (TPD) in their 2014 mandate. So what does this mean? Well firstly no E-liquids over 10 ml in size can contain nicotine, all E-liquids Ireland must have an expiry date,  tactile warnings, child resistant cap, safety precautions and instructions on how to use. Along with this the maximum amount of nicotine legally allowed is 20 mg and ingredients are to be listed.

So dealing specifically with the nicotine content we will help explain in this blog what your options on are. All bottles that are 10 ml or less in size may contain nicotine, and any E-liquids Ireland over 10 ml in size may not. So when you see E-liquids Ireland that are 50 ml in size is this illegal our customers ask? No it is not as they do not contain nicotine. Now if you wish to purchase a large E-liquid Ireland bottle yet you want say a desired nicotine strength of 3 mg, then you can simple add a nicotine shot to increase the strength. For example you purchase a bottle of 50 ml E-liquid Ireland which has no nicotine in it, yet you desire a 3 mg then you can simply add a nicotine shot containing 18 mg of nicotine and add it to your 50 ml E-liquid Ireland bottle. Give it a good shake and you now have 3 mg of E-liquid.

So Shortfills are simply where the companies do not fill the bottles to the top, so they leave room for the nicotine shot to be added. So a 60 ml shortfill actually contains 50 ml of E-liquid.

Back in 2016 a report was furnished by the RCS stating that e-cigarettes and E-liquid Ireland are “beneficial to UK Public Health”. You can find more information here. The report also went on to say when asked about E-cigarettes and long-term harm ” e-cigarette use cannot be dismissed due to inhalation of the ingredients other than nicotine, but is likely to be very small, and substantially smaller than that arising from tobacco smoking”, which yet again is another positive step forward for E-liquid. Not only did it weigh favorably on the e-cig side but went on to say ” electronic cigarettes have the potential to make a major contribution towards preventing the premature death, disease and social inequalities in health that smoking currently causes in the UK”.

Another report from Forbes can be found here which outlays again more positive findings on E-liquid and e-cigarettes.

So whether you are thinking about starting to vape or currently are vaping, I hope you feel more informed on regulations, findings, and E-liquid.

Priming a new coil

Priming a new coil or atomizer

Even if you buy the best quality juice, have a brand new battery and the newest vaporizer on the market, if your atomizer is not properly primed, it’s inevitable that your vaping experience will be unpleasant and severely compromised.


Many people who are new to vaping make the mistake early on of not properly priming their atomizer. This results in a burnt, unpleasant taste and a weak throat hit as the coil does not produce enough vapor. Often, these same people try to return their atomizers because they think they don’t work. They end up spending a lot of unnecessary money replacing their atomizers because they think that the ones they have purchased are defective.


The reality is that Priming a new coil is a very simple process that requires only a little time. By learning how to execute this process in the correct way, you will be able to fully enjoy the taste of your e cig juice and take in much more vapor.


Step 1: Clean Your Tank

Once you purchase a new atomizer, the very first thing you must do is take apart your tank and thoroughly clean it. This is because old juice leaves behind a sticky gunk thanks to all the sugar with which juices are made. This gunk can compromise the functionality of your vaporizer over time and result in an unpleasant taste.


To clean the components of your tank, you can either run them under water or you can soak the pieces in a cup of vodka for a half hour. Allow the pieces to air dry on a paper towel. It is important not to use isopropyl alcohol or household cleaning solutions to clean your tank because these can be toxic when inhaled.


Step 2: Saturate Your Atomizer

The next step involves saturating the cotton of your atomizer with juice. Set your new atomizer on a paper towel standing right side up. The paper towel will prevent any accidental spills of juice from making a mess.


It’s important to drop just enough juice on the exposed cotton so that it is fully saturated with liquid but not over-saturated. If the juice begins to leak out of the sides and it gets all over your hands, you have oversaturated your coil. Allow the atomizer to sit for ten minutes to allow the juice to slowly make its way through the cotton.


Step 3: Distribute the Juice Evenly

You may then put your tank back together and refill it fully with juice. Screw the tank back onto the battery. With the device turned off, take about seven to eight pulls without firing the device to distribute the juice evenly throughout the atomizer.


Step 4: Begin Vaping At A Lower Wattage

Now, just wait 5 minute and then you can turn the battery on. It’s important that you turn the battery wattage down to about a third of what you normally vape at so as not to burn out your new atomizer. Begin vaping at this reduced wattage, again taking seven to eight hits that are less deep than usual. You may gradually increase the wattage while taking a few hits at a time. This allows the wire in your atomizer to gradually adjust as it responds to sudden changes in heat.


Once you have reached the wattage at which you normally vape, you have completed the priming process. What you should experience now is an adequate amount of vapor and a pleasant and fully-flavored taste. Your device should absolutely not be leaking liquid. If it is, there is a good chance that you have oversaturated your atomizer. If you are experiencing a burnt or metallic taste, chances are that you did not saturate your atomizer enough and should start the process all over again.


While at first it may appear like this process is a bit lengthy and complicated, it is actually incredibly quick and simple when executed. An atomizer that has been properly primed is the difference between a pleasant and satisfactory vaping experience and one that is tainted by an unpleasant taste and low amounts of vapor. By properly priming your atomizer, you will also save money in the long run as they will last for much longer.


New to Vaping?

Are you new to the vaping world? Do you have alot of questions in relation to vaping. Here are the some of the most commonly asked questions when starting out with vaping


  1. What Kind of E-Cig Should I Get?

Once you’ve decided to give vaping a try, this is the first question you begin to ask. The truth is, there is a different device to suit each individual needs. First off, you will determine which eliquid is best suited to your taste  eg, Tobacoo flavour, fruit flavour, menthol etc. and also the strenght of nicotine which you perfer.  Then you will choose a device/set up. This  consists of a tank which the eliquid holds and this is attached to a battery which fires the coil in the tank to create vapour production. This experience is quite delightful, you get the nicotine hit, the vapour production without the all harmful chemicals. You can choose from a standard ego style pen like device or a more robust box like mod. There is something for everyone.

  1. How Much Is it Going to Cost Me Up Front?

The cost of starting up with e-cigs is more than just going out to buy a pack of cigarettes but alot less than one week of smoking, yes that’s one week of smoking. Going for a basic kit is extremely affordable whereas a more advanced device will cost slightly more but you will experience a much better experience Take a look at our Vape Kits section this will give you an idea of what you’ll need to get started.

  1. Will Vaping Save Me Money?

If you are smoking a 20 pack of cigarettes a day, that is costing a total of €4149.60 per year, if you switch to vaping you are looking a total of €1040 per year, this is massive savings, not only are you saving large amounts of cash you are also saving on those medical bills. Its a win win situation.

New Upcoming EU TPD Regulations

Changes abound at iVape under New EU TPD Regulations

New EU TPD Regulations
As you maybe aware there are new rules & regulation to be applied to ecigarettes and eliquids under the new Tobacco Products Directive 2014/40(EU) Article 20. (EU TPD for short).  The EU TPD comes into full force on May 20, 2017.

Article 20 of the EU TPD which specifically deals with ecigarettes covers many different areas of regulation, but the main ones that will affect both us at iVape and , and you, our customer are as follows:

1. Nicotine-containing eliquid bottles cannot exceed a volume of 10ml
2. Maximum nicotine strength will be 20mg / 2%
3. Maximum tank / clearomizer size will be 2ml
4. All nicotine containing eliquids must undergo toxicological  and emissions testing and be notified to EU before being placed on EU market.

1. Nicotine-containing eliquid bottles cannot exceed a volume of 10ml
This means that the most popular size of bottle (30ml) that we sell at iVape will no longer be available. Most of the eliquids we currently sell in 30ml bottles, will still be available in 10ml bottles. But when our current stock of 30ml bottles are gone, they are gone, as we can no longer purchase same from our suppliers / manufacturers.

Although we have not yet set final pricing on new 10ml EU TPD Regulations Compliant Bottles of liquid, but due to extra packaging etc, the cost of 10ml bottles will be more, but hopefully not too much more expensive.

2. Maximum nicotine strength will be 20mg / 2%
We have been phasing in this aspect of the EU TPD Regulations over the past number of months, and the highest strength eliquid we offer for many eliquids is either 12mg or 18mg. Where this particular rule will affect some users, is again those of you who DIY. Nic Base will only be available in 10ml bottles at a max strength of 20mg.

3. Maximum tank / clearomizer size will be 2ml
For most users this will not be an issue, but for those who prefer larger tanks / clearomizers. If you don’t know the capacity of the tank / clearomizer you currently use, we advise that you check website for details and perhaps buy a couple of spare tanks.

4. All nicotine containing eliquids must undergo toxicological  and emissions testing and be notified to EU before being placed on EU market.
Overall this is a good piece of the EU TPD Regulations, as it means that all nicotine containing eliquids placed on the EU market will have undergone rigorous testing. But this testing is very expensive, and  it is not viable for manufacturers to test all liquids, and as a result a number of eliquid brands / flavours will no longer be manufactured / be available.

Some of our nicotine containing eliquids, that we will be unable to restock once current supplies run out as per EU TPD Regulations
Happy Days
Stevie Boy
7 Leaf
Zombie Blood
more to follow…..

If any of the above are some of your favourites then it might be a good idea to stock up on your favourite 30ml bottles, or for liquids  that are to be discontinued.

The EU TPD Regulations and Article 20 is a complex piece of legislation, and the above just deals with a few very specific details. Should you have any questions etc, please send us an email to and we will do our best to answer.

Uwell Rafale Sub Ohm Tank

The Rafale by Uwell

Uwell are doing a golden ticket type experience, whereby you can get hold of one of the 500 limited edition Rafale tanks. There are 500 in the first production run of 100 000 tanks. Make sure to keep an eye out for those special editions!

Uwell Rafale vs. the Crown

Uwell Rafale vs Crown

Let’s take a quick look at how the Uwell Rafale differs from the Crown tank.

  • 5ml tank capacity (Crown had 4ml)
  • Larger air flow
  • Vastly improved packaging and documentation (best packaging for a tank I have come across)
  • Larger 24mm diameter
  • New top fill (prefer the one on the Crown though)
  • Non removable drip tip that comes with a removable silicon “condom”
  • New vertical RBA system
  • Nicer aesthetics on the Rafale
  • Rafale kit only comes with two coils (Crown came with 3)
  • New coils (non compatible with the Crown coils)
  • The Rafale is shorter in height than the Crown

Vaping the Rafale 0.5ohm Parallel SS Coil (Recommended Wattage: 40-80W)

Uwell Rafale 0.5 and 0.2 Coils

I went through the recommended wattages for this coil and I would recommend vaping it between 60-70W. I had no spit-back issues or dry hits at all.

Vaping the Rafale 0.2ohm Parallel SS Coil (Recommended Wattage: 60-120W)

Uwell Rafale 0.5 vs Crown 0.15 Ni200 Coil

I went through the recommended wattages for this coil and I would recommend vaping between 85 – 100W. Again no spit back issues and the flavor was outstanding at those high wattages.


We are going to talk about flavor in this section as it is neither a “Like” or “Dislike”. The Crown has been our favourite sub ohm tank thus far in terms of flavor, so the Rafale has a lot to live up to. In our opinion the flavor on the Rafale is roundabout up there with the Crown, having used the 0.5ohm and 0.2ohm coils. The coils take a little while to break in, but once they do, the vape is fantastic. We preferred the 0.2ohm coil head when it came to flavor. The flavor isn’t however an improvement over the Crown, so if you are happy with the flavor on the Crown, there is no real need to get the Rafale, unless you are interested in the other improvements that the Rafale offers. This is our personal opinion and as always we would love to hear what our readers have to think in the comments below.


5ml Capacity

The Crown has a 4ml tank capacity which isn’t bad, but having that extra 1ml on the Rafale does help, given that these tanks guzzle so much e juice.

Build Quality

Uwell Rafale Aesthetics

The Rafale is extremely very well crafted and you can tell Uwell took their time with this tank. The coils and tank itself were all squeaky clean with no traces of machine oil anywhere. The glass is made from Quartz and the tank is made from Stainless Steel. The tank is easily taken apart and overall the tank feels well put together and a lot simpler than the Crown.

Packaging and Documentation

Uwell Rafale Packaging

One of the biggest changes came with the Rafale’s unique packaging. The Rafale kit comes in a elegant tin tube and is bubble wrapped to protect it from being damaged. You can re-use the tin tube for other things as well (we will be using it for coils). The documentation is also much improved and the instruction leaflet is well written and covers all the ins and outs of the Rafale tank and its specs. The packaging is really amazing with the Rafale and a step away from the standard packaging we have become used to for sub ohm tanks. We loved the bubble wrap that protects the tank and the contents in the tube and overall the packaging is really unique and noteworthy.

Uwell Rafale Main Packaging

Improved Air Flow

Uwell Rafale Airflow

The air flow on the Rafale is larger and more “airy” than on the Crown. The slider clicks nicely into place and there are three settings for the air flow. We use it fully open and the draw is similar to that of the Herakles Plus.

No Leakage

RIP Trippers in his video review of the Uwell Rafale talks about his tank leaking when using the top fill. Whilst we are not the biggest fan of the new top fill system, we didn’t encounter such leaking issues through the air flow holes when using the top fill. Let us know how you have been getting on with you Rafale tank in the comments below!

Anti Spit Back Protection

Uwell Rafale Anti Spitback

The Rafale implements an “Anti Spit Back” system. We aren’t really sure how it works, but when vaping both of the coils we didn’t have any spit back issues, so it seems to do the job!


Uwell Rafale vs Uwell Crown

We prefer the looks of the new Rafale tank, compared to the Crown. It just looks slightly more refined and elegant in our opinion.


The Crown chucked pretty big clouds, but the Rafale, especially on the 0.2ohm, chucks even more clouds. If clouds are your thing, then you won’t be disappointed with the Rafale.


24mm Diameter

This wasn’t really an issue for us as the Rafale will sit nicely on most dual 18650 mods without overlapping. You might have an issue using thinner box mods that have a top width of less than 24mm, as the Rafale might overlap. We used the Rafale on our SMOK X-Cube Mini and it sat nicely with no overlap.

Non Removable Drip Tip

I know a lot of people like to use their own drip tips, so not having a removable 510 drip tip is a bit of a negative in my opinion. The Crown has a removable 510 and it would have been nice if the Rafale had followed suit.

New Top Fill System

Uwell Rafale Top Fill

The new top fill system on the Rafale involves twisting the drip tip to open and close it. We used a dripper bottle and it fits nicely into the holes. However, we found that when filling there tends to be some ejuice overflowing and bubbling out of the fill holes, which causes a little bit of leakage. It isn’t anything major, but we preferred the wider filling slots on the Crown.

Rafale Tank Gets VERY Hot

Sub ohm tanks in general all get quite warm especially at higher wattages. However, we found the Rafale got very hot even at its lower wattage ranges.


Uwell Rafale VRBA vs Uwell Crown RBA

It is a positive that Uwell have released an RBA section for the Rafale, however we would have liked to have seen it be included in the kit given the Rafale’s price point. The Rafale RBA is a vertical RBA and is very different to that of the Crown. We aren’t RBA experts at all, but the new RBA section seems trickier to build on compared with that of the Crown. However, having said that, those who manage to build on the RBA have really enjoyed it.


We have been very critical in this review given how amazing the Crown Uwell tank is. Let us start by saying that the Rafale is a fantastic sub ohm tank and Uwell have done another amazing job. There is however, a few areas we think can be improved upon. The non-removable drip tip, tricky RBA section and new messy top fill, seem to be the main talking points. We do really like the extra 1ml capacity you get with the Rafale, the wider air flow, amazing build quality and lastly the improvement in looks and with the packaging. The flavor as with the Crown was absolutely fantastic (make sure to break your coils in properly before complaining about flavor). However, it didn’t surpass the Crown in terms of flavor, which to be honest was going to be a very tall order.

You have the Crown, should you get the Rafale? Honestly, most vapers won’t be able to resist trying the Rafale given the Crown’s mighty reputation. Our recommendation at iVape is that if you really enjoy your Crown for flavor and aren’t impressed by the extra 1ml, spit back protection and wider air flow, then stick with your Crown. If you really want more clouds, a wider air flow and that extra 1ml of ejuice capacity, then we can whole heartedly recommend giving the Rafale a try.

Temperature Control Mods

Temperature Control mods are taking the vaping scene by storm. Before now the vaping enthusiast had to pay a lot of money for one and had a very limited selection.

More and more vapers continued to complain of burnt coils, dry hits that produced a nasty aftertaste, and are simply not good for your lungs. Manufacturers listened and began to respond to the vaping community.  Now we have so many options all offering different features and price tags.  iVape reckon these are the best temperature control mods for a price that will fit almost any budget.

If your looking for mods without temperature control visit box mods

T-Rex 70W TC Box Mod by Joecig

Not only is this mod hailed as the Sigelei 75w killer but it also looks awesome. The real leather material that surrounds the sides and back of the mod really adds a lot to the look and I can imagine feels quite nice in the hand. It’s definitely a nice touch. Other than that it’s a 70 watt box mod with a power range of 5 watts to 70 watts with a minimum resistance of .05ohms. It also has temperature control with temperature ranges from 100°C to 350°C or 212°F to 662°F.The 510 pin is spring loaded and the battery door is held on by magnets where you’ll find a spot for a single 18650 battery.


Wattage Range: 5 – 70 Watts
Voltage Range: 0.5 – 8.5 Volts
Ohm Resistance: 0.05 – 2.5 Ohms
Temp Control Range: 100°C – 350°C / 212°F – 662°F
Accepts 1x 18650 Battery
USB Charging
Spring Loaded 510 Pin

Dual Magnetic Doors


SXK Zero Mini 60w TC Box Mod

zero_mini__2The Zero mini mod by SXK is the newest release of zero series,which can fire up to 60w,down to 0.08ohm,and support TC-Ni,TC-Ti and VV/VW mode.Zero mini also the smallest one of the zero family and fit for our palm,hold it more comfortable.

  • Mini size, convenient to use, easy to operate
  • 510 threading connection
  • Spring-loaded center pin
  • Supporting 3 working modes ( Titanium TC+Nickel TC+VV/VW mode)
  • Variable wattage – can be adjustable from 1W to 60W (in 0.1W increments)
  • Temperature control: 200-600’F(AKA 100-300’C)
  • Resistance range: 0.08-3ohm (normal working) / 1ohm (standard load)
  • Micro-USB charging port
  • Single 18650 battery
  • Short circuit protection
  • Low voltage warning
  • High temperature alarm function

IPV D2 75w TC Mod By Pionner4You ipv-2d-ipv2d-by-pioneer4you-75w-tc

The iPV D2 75W Temperature Control Mod by Pioneer4you builds upon the legacy of the iPV series, specifically redesigning the iPV Mini series by integrating a temperature control module along with increases in power and resistance range. Focusing on a foundation of form factor and usability without the sacrifice of power and performance, the iPV D2 utilizes a single 18650 battery (sold separately) with a chipset range of 7 to 75W in standard wattage output mode and a temperature range of 200 to 580 degrees Fahrenheit.

The ipv d2 resistance ranges have been improved over the original, with a minimum resistance in VW mode of 0.2 ohms and a minimum resistance in TC mode of 0.05 ohms. Manufactured out of high grade materials, the iPV D2 features a sliding ball locking system, making battery access quick and easy. The Spring Loaded 510 Connector on the ipv d2 makes RDA, RTA, and Sub-Ohm Tank flush mounting hassle free with consistently strong conductivity. Compact without sacrificing power, the iPV D2 75W Temperature Control Mod by Pioneer4you is the next evolution of one of the finest box mod manufacturer’s today.


Package Contents
1 x iPV D2 from Pioneer4you
1 x User Manual
1 x Gift Box
1 x Micro USB Cable
1 x Silcon Sleeve
** DOES NOT 18650 BATTERY **

Requires 1 x 18650 Battery (Batteries not Included)
Uses Latest YiHi Chip-Set
Output Wattage 7 to 75 watts
Output Voltage 1 to 7 volts
Output Joules 5 to 50 joules
Temperature Control 212 to 572 degrees
Kanthal Atomizer Resistance 0.2 to 3.0ohms
Joules mode atomizer resistance 0.05Ω – 0.3Ω
Output Power Measured in Watts, Volts, or Joules
Sliding battery Cover
Battery Vents

JoyTech eVic VCT Mini

This upgrade offers the temperature control vaping technology of the former eVic VT but in a smaller package. New features include a magnetized cover like the IPV4S with a single removable 18650 battery. A USB charging port and pass-through USB charging improve user flexibility and decrease downtime. Wattage output ranges from 1 to 60w with a resistance range of 0.1 to 3.0 ohms. With the “full kit” you also get an included eGo One Mega tank with both Titanium and Ni200 Nickel coils. This makes the eVic VCT Mini one of the best temp control mods on the market for its price.
eVic VCT Mini Mod Features and Specs:
• Temp Limit Centigrade: 200 – 600 Degrees
• Temp Limit Fahrenheit: 100 – 315 Degrees
• Output Wattage Range: 1W – 60W
• Atomizer Resistance: 0.10 Ohm – 3.0 Ohms
• 510 Threaded
• Dual Temperature Modes
• VT-Ti (Titanium) and VT-Ni (Nickel 200)
• Dimensions: 3-1/4″L x 1-7/8″W x 1″D
• Resistance Compatibility
• OLED Display
• USB Charge Port
• Uses a Single 18650 (Sold Separately)
• Comes in Black, White, and Cyan
• eGo One Mega included
See eVic VTC Deals Here

Sigelei 150 TC 150w

This improvement on the original Sigelei 150w temperature control mod is attracting a great deal of buzz in the vaping community. It’s got a rugged appearance with a rubberized finish that many claim makes the device much easier to handle. Others wonder about the placement of the atomizer platform on the top of the mod. But love it or hate it, the chip in the latest Sigelei 150 TC really puts out. And like the other top box mods, the Sigelei 150 TC also has a magnetic door for the required dual 18650 batteries that fit somewhat tightly inside. The easily clickable menu display is taking temperature control vaping technology into an entirely new direction.

Sigelei 150 TC Mod: Features and Specs:
• Temp Limit Centigrade: 100 – 300 Degrees
• Temp Limit Fahrenheit: 212 – 572 Degrees
• Output Wattage Range: 10W – 150W
• Atomizer Resistance: 0.10 Ohms – 3.0 Ohms
• 510 Threaded
• Quadrant Split-Screen Display
• Real-time Battery Readout
• Dimensions: 4” L x 2-1/4” W x 1” D
• Rubberized Finish
• Dual Magnetized Sliding Door
• Spring Loaded Atomizer Contact Pin
• Low Voltage Battery Protection
• Low Resistance Protection
• Reverse Polarity Protection
• Overheating Protection
See Sigelei 150 TC Deals Here

To see more temperature control mods click here and here’s a few more to keep your eyes out for

Nebox by Kanger


Kooper 200wat TC


E-liquid and Nicotine Strength

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