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    King’s Crown The King eliquid

    The King eliquid Ireland

    The The King eliquid Real kings and queens are people whose heads are crowned with dreams as they sit on the throne of passion.  King eliquid is a sophisticated King’s Crown eliquid birthed from imagination and dedication. It is a perfectly balanced, complex experience infused with notes of…you’ll have to figure this flavor out for yourself!

    King’s Crown eliquid is brought to you by the creator of Suicide Bunny.  The highly anticipated line-up will not disappoint with its deliciously complex flavor profiles, which is something we’ve come to expect from this amazing juice maker.


    Primary Flavors:  Creamy, Nutty, Coffee?



    Suicide Bunny was born out of love.  Pip Gresham created Suicide Bunny as a way for her husband to finally kick his smoking habit.  They both had tried vaping to quit smoking.  Pip was having more success than her husband but did not want to see him give up.  The problem was the limited flavors of e-liquid at the time that were available.


    Pip took her quest for knowledge and combined it with her determination to help her husband.  She began to create e-liquid at her kitchen table.  She used her palette to create new flavors that not only her husband loved, but other vapers did as well!  With the amazing results, Suicide Bunny was born!


    Pip took her newly created flavors and paired them with amazing artwork that features strong female characters.  The edgy yet powerful combination has been a proven success in the vaping industry and has even allowed the brand to cross over into lifestyle markets as well.  With SB’s leadership and innovation, the sky is the limit.

    A new era of vaping has been born.  With an inneveitable future of regulation via the FDA, Suicide Bunny will continue to create the amazing products you are used to getting from us.  We are focused on staying up to date and educated on the most current regulations and our relationship as an industry with the FDA.


    We love our vendors!  We appreciate all they do for us!  That is why Suicide Bunny/King’s Crown/The Cloud Company are proudly distributed by Triton Distribution.  They aim to serve our vendors and assist you in any way they can.


    Our retail customers can expect premium liquid, made with premium ingredients, and created with love!  We have new flavors coming, as well as new gear in the always growing Suicide Bunny Shop.  Much Love!

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