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Halo Torque 56 3x10ml

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    Halo Torque 56 3x10mls


    Halo Torque 56 Eliquid is a premium e-liquid with unfiltered tobacco flavor and serious throat hit and can be purchased here at Halo Torque56 Eliquid is for those that want real tobacco flavor without a lot of complex nuances to cloud the taste. Knock your socks off with Halo Torque 56 Eliquid.

    Halo E-Liquid – Made in the USA

    All Halo E-liquid and E-Juice uses premium FDA approved natural and artificial flavoring to offer a rich taste that is never too overpowering. Our team has worked hundreds of hours perfecting our e-liquid flavor and e-juice flavor mixtures, ensuring you get fantastic tasting e-juice. In addition, Halo E-liquid and E-Juice never has that nasty after-taste found in the cheaper overseas products.

    Halo E-liquid and E-Juice is proudly made in the USA, making it the obvious choice over the risky overseas blends. The production of all our nicotine base is done within the proper laboratory facilities, and conducted by trained chemists, ensuring that proper procedures are always followed. Nicotine levels are carefully monitored and randomly tested for quality and concentration. In addition, bottles are shipped not only with an expiration date but with Lot Numbers as well. We want all customers to rest easy knowing they purchased a great tasting e-liquid or e-juice developed under our quality control standards. Storage of nicotine solutions is also a critical factor in the quality of the finished e-liquid and e-juice product. Eliquid and ejuice should always be stored in a cool, dry place to avoid the spoiling of ingredients. Our finished eliquid and ejuice stored under tightly controlled climate conditions, but our base ingredients are as well. This ensures that when you receive your E-Juice and E-liquid, you are getting the freshest product possible. In addition, our high turn-over rate ensures that your ejuice and eliquid will be delivered with plenty of time before expiration. You will absolutely taste the difference of fresh E-liquid and E-Juice. Click Here To Visit The Halo E-Liquid Manufacture’s Website

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