New to Vaping?

Are you new to the vaping world? Do you have alot of questions in relation to vaping. Here are the some of the most commonly asked questions when starting out with vaping


  1. What Kind of E-Cig Should I Get?

Once you’ve decided to give vaping a try, this is the first question you begin to ask. The truth is, there is a different device to suit each individual needs. First off, you will determine which eliquid is best suited to your taste  eg, Tobacoo flavour, fruit flavour, menthol etc. and also the strenght of nicotine which you perfer.  Then you will choose a device/set up. This  consists of a tank which the eliquid holds and this is attached to a battery which fires the coil in the tank to create vapour production. This experience is quite delightful, you get the nicotine hit, the vapour production without the all harmful chemicals. You can choose from a standard ego style pen like device or a more robust box like mod. There is something for everyone.

  1. How Much Is it Going to Cost Me Up Front?

The cost of starting up with e-cigs is more than just going out to buy a pack of cigarettes but alot less than one week of smoking, yes that’s one week of smoking. Going for a basic kit is extremely affordable whereas a more advanced device will cost slightly more but you will experience a much better experience Take a look at our Vape Kits section this will give you an idea of what you’ll need to get started.

  1. Will Vaping Save Me Money?

If you are smoking a 20 pack of cigarettes a day, that is costing a total of €4149.60 per year, if you switch to vaping you are looking a total of €1040 per year, this is massive savings, not only are you saving large amounts of cash you are also saving on those medical bills. Its a win win situation.

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